The National Scientific Library of NAAS today

The National Scientific Library of NAAS today

Within the walls of this book palace
not fleeting and transient.
Here is eternity,
embodied in the dialogue of the past with modern

In the XXI century agriculture, making up a significant part in the sector of Ukraine's economy, continues to play a leading role, and is not only a guarantor of food security, but also in general the statehood of the country. One of the fundamental components of the further development of this process is the information and library service of scientific support of agro-industrial production. In Ukraine, the coordination of these functions, and, in particular, their methodological content, is entrusted to the National Scientific Agricultural Library of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (the NSAL of NAAS).

The main goal of the NSAL of NAAS is to provide every resident of Ukraine with the opportunity of free access to national and world information resources on agricultural and forestry issues.

After Ukraine gained independence, the library was actively involved in the representation of information and library industry activities at the international level, strengthening the authority of the young state and promoting its best achievements in the field of agrarian science.

The path to modern national well-deserved recognition of bookstores in the professional environment of Ukraine and the world began in 1998, when the library received the status of a research institution and entered the Department of Regional Centers of the agro-industrial complex UAAS.

Since then, qualitatively changed priorities in its activities. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the structure regarding to the scientific institution of category "A" was reorganized. The concept of informatization of libraries of Ukraine was developed and approved by the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; The concept of informatization of agricultural libraries of Ukraine, adopted by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and the Presidium of the NAAS; about 100 normative and regulatory documents for 210 methodically subordinated libraries of branch research institutions and educational institutions. The NSAL of NAAS transformed into a powerful, well-equipped industry information center recognized in Ukraine and abroad, became a full-fledged specialized research institution. According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of October 29, 2003, the library received the status of state, and in 2012, according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine of December 14, 2012 No. 700/2012 national.

Currently, the NSAL of NAAS is a leading special library of national importance; industry library-depository, a powerful scientific and information center for the formation of an industry segment of agrarian issues, as a component in the information space of Ukraine. The document and information potential represented by more than one million people in 32 languages from 59 countries of the world.

The NSAL of NAAS is a participant of fundamental and applied research processes of NAAS through services of registration of research results.

Currently, the institution employs 78 employees (10 doctors and 22 candidates of sciences), which outlines the range of priority areas, namely:

  • collection and preservation of book funds, inheritance of the past;
  • formation of national industry information content;
  • ensuring free access to all categories of users to native and world information and library resources;
  • scientific, informational and document support for the development of agrarian science and production;
  • professional information and library service (local access, MBA, E-service, etc.);
  • publishing activities;
  • coordination of the network of agricultural libraries in Ukraine;
  • training of highly qualified scientific personnel through postgraduate and doctoral studies in historical disciplines (including training of foreign citizens);
  • retraining and advanced training of library and information personnel with obtaining a certificate;
  • integration of national industry information into the world information space.

In addition to these aspects of activity, the NSAL of NAAS as an industry depository of agricultural and forestry literature through the Institute of History of Agrarian Science, Education and Technology today represents the results of research in 13 biobliographic series: Academicians of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (1998) 70 books; Biobliography of Agrarian Scientists of Ukraine (1998) 66 books; Agrarian science of Ukraine in persons, documents, bibliography (2001) - 93 books; Scientific historical and bibliographic readings (2001) 10 books; Scientific and auxiliary retrospective bibliographic, biobliographic indexes (2001) 26 books; Famous scientists- natural scientists and educators of Ukraine (2004) - 8 books; Correspondent members of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (2005) 12 books; Land Management Science (2005) 1 book; Academicians and correspondent members of NAN of Ukraine for agriculture (2007) 2 books; Foreign members of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (2009) 1 book; Foreign agricultural book in the funds of the NSAL NAAS and research institutions and higher educational institutions of agrarian profile (2009) 5 books; Information and bibliographic resources of agro-industrial production of Ukraine(2013) 3 books; Biobliography of scientists, education, culture of Ukraine (2014) 2 books.

The Institute of History of Agrarian Science, Education and Technology established at the NSAL NAAS on the basis of the results of the research systematically and consistently supports the implementation of the program of perpetuation of prominent figures of scientists and institutions, which in word and deed glorified Ukraine in the world dimension through scientific meetings: conferences, scientific readings, round tables, representations in mass media and opening in their honor, named memorial boards characters, signs etc.

In order to publish the conducted research on historical topics from 2006, its own scientific publication was launched an electronic inter-departmental thematic scientific collection "History of Science and Biography" (access mode:, the presence of which to some extent corresponds to the main function of our institution on information and library service of scientific support of agro-industrial complex.

In addition, other diverse periodicals and continuing scientific publications are being prepared and published in the Library. In particular, 75 issues saw the light of the only Ukrainian edition of this type the abstract magazine Agro-industrial complex of Ukraine and its special editions, which are designed to meet the needs of producers of industry products of various forms of ownership; 33 issues of the NSAL of NAAS Bulletin and 4 issues of the Calendar of significant and memorable dates in the history of agrarian science of Ukraine, launched in 2013 et.

The NSAL of NAAS is a scientific and methodological center for 210 library institutions of agricultural profile of Ukraine. These are libraries of research institutes, research stations, universities of I-IV accreditation levels, secondary special educational institutions. Seminars, conferences, internships are systematically held for network library employees, instructional and regulatory documentation, methodological materials are developed, practical and consulting assistance is provided. All these materials are published through the issues of the NSAL of NAAS Bulletin.

An important component of the NSAL of NAAS activity is the innovative climate in the library an integral condition for its development, which is associated with new technologies aimed at improving the quality and comfort of users.

For users library service:

  • library fund;
  • collection of periodicals;
  • media library
  • electronic library;
  • academic repository of scientific works;
  • exhibitions Online;
  • reference and search engines;
  • Internet resources.

The library has created an effective innovative infrastructure for servicing users using a full range of information and library resources and services.

The site of library has been functioning since 2006 and is a multimedia portal that provides an exceptional opportunity to position the achievements of the institution in the information space.

The integration and partnership of the NSAL of NAAS is based on new models of scientific communications and professional communication. The library is socially communicative through a Facebook page

The library cooperates with:

  • diplomatic missions of foreign countries and international organizations accredited in Ukraine - Lithuania, Poland, Israel, France, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary. The relationship is based on a wide representation of common cultural values in the form of books, scientific events - presentations, round tables, etc.
  • library institutions abroad Belarusian Agricultural Library named after. I.S. Lupinovich NAS of Belarus, Central Agricultural Library of Poland (Warsaw), Sabolch-Satmar-Berezh regional organization of the Association of Hungarian Librarians, Committee and City Library. Moritsa Zhygmonda (Niredhaza, Hungary); Library of the University of Natural Sciences (Lublin, Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Lublinie).
  • scientific and educational institutions - State University of Agriculture in Warsaw (Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego); Warsaw University of Economics (Szkola Glowna Handlowa w Warszawie); University (Zagreb); Faculty of Agricultural Culture (Croatia); Czech University (Prague); Central Library of the University of Agricultural Science, Veterinary Medicine (luj-Napoca, Romania).

An important place in the activities of the NSAL of NAAS is occupied by cooperation with universities of Ukraine of agrarian profile, on conducting joint historical research through the creation of centers of history of natural history. In particular, the fruitful commonwealth unites the NSAL of NAAS with the State University Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky State Pedagogical University named after Hryhorij Skovoroda, Poltava State Agrarian Academy, National University of Water Management and Environmental Management (Rivne), Uman National University of Horticulture of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Zhytomyr National Agroecological University, etc.

Cooperation continues with the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University and the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, regarding the joint publication of the journal Bulletin of Agrarian History; Glukhov National Pedagogical University. O. Dovzhenko publication of the collectionHistorical Studios of Social Progress.

Every year the library holds scientific and practical conferences of young scientists and specialists History of education, science and technology of Ukraine, round tables, scientific readings, scientific and practical seminars, etc.

The greatest value of the library at all times, undoubtedly, will be its employees excellent specialists in their field. Fame to the institution brought in different periods of its helm: G. Koch (1917-1918), V.A. Lebedynskyj, A. Litvinenko (1921-1927), D.S. Bibko (1927-1931), G.A. Melnyk (1932?), O.F. Korneev (19351964), honoured worker of culture of the USSR. R.Y. Tselinskyi (19641998), Ph.D., Prof. M.S. Slobodyanyk (19982000), academician of NAAS V.A. Vergunov (2000-present).

In the annals of the history of our library will forever remain the names of scientists who until the last days of their lives contributed to the formation and deployment of the library, namely: Ph.D., Prof. V.P. Khyzhniak (1927-2007); Ph.D., Prof. Y.A. Horban (1937-2016); honoured worker of science and technology of Ukraine P.P. Panchenko (1928-2016); Ph.D., Prof., laureate of the state prize of Ukraine in science and technology M.M. Novikov (1933-2008); PhD, Prof. V.V. Derlemenko (1944-2013); (19442013); Ph.D. O.S. Mudruk (19372008); honoured cultural worker of Ukraine L.O. Zinchenko (1956-2013); Ph.D. Lazorenko (1945-2014); Ph.D. N.F. Hrytsenko (1965-2016); Ph.D. N.N. Serikova (1938-2012).

Kind words want to say the honoured culture workers of the Ukrainian SSR and Ukraine V.K. Svitailo and T.F. Derlemenko, N.F. Basun, V.V. Ustinovskyi, A.O. Ustinovska, Ph.D. Z.P. Kirpal, L.F. Zabudska, Ph.D. O.A. Chernysh, Ph.D., Prof. V.V. Shelepova; Ph.D., Prof. O.E. Tarabrin; Ph.D., Prof. M.A. Zhurbu; Ph.D., Prof. A.P. Kotsura; Ph.D., Prof. V.S. Savchuk; Ph.D., Prof. O.I. Utkin; Ph.D., Prof. V.F. Shevchenko; Ph.D., Prof. O.Ya. Pylypchuk; akad.. NAS of Ukraine O.S. Onyshchenko; akad. UAAS V.V. Yurchyshyna; or. member NAAS S.M. Ryzhuk; Ph.D. N.I. Petrenko, Ph.D. L.O. Lisnevich and many others.

Talented young people deserve words of gratitude: Ph.D. I.C. Borodai, Ph.D. N.P. Kovalenko, Ph.D. A.C. Bilotserkivska, Ph.D. T.R. Grishchenko, Ph.D. M.M. Davydenko, Ph.D. T.V. Kashtanova, Ph.D. C.D. Kovalenko, Ph.D. T.M. Pidhaina, Ph.D. O.A. Pashkivska, Ph.D. L.M. Tatarchuk, Ph.D. N.B. Shchebetiuk, Ph.D. G.S. Shchygol, Ph.D. T.V. Liutyk, Ph.D. In Kolomiets, Ph.D. S.V. Borodin, Ph.D. T.O. Bondur, L.A. Kirilenko, L.O. Romanchuk, L.A. Zaitseva, O.Y. Primak, O.O. Boychenko, O.V., O.V. Bachkala, A.A. Semenyushko, E.V. Yurchak, I.G. Pimenov, and others employees involved in the noble cause - to meet the needs for further development of native agriculture.

The NSAL of NAAS has been proving for a century that its course is a natural evolutionary way of further development of a full-fledged academic scientific institution of humanitarian profile in the context of European integration processes with its truly democratic values for the future.